PRIVACY POLICY: Purpose and scope of collection
The main data collection on the website includes: email, phone, login name, login password, address of the customer. This is the information that requires customers to provide mandatory when registering for services and to contact confirmation when Member registered to use the service on the website to ensure the interests of consumers right.

For Member as a customer, during the transaction, payment at the website only stores detailed information about the customer's payment order, the information on the customer's bank account number will not be. save.

Members shall be solely responsible for the confidentiality and retention of any use of the service under their registration name, password and electronic mailbox. In addition, the Member is responsible for timely informing of unauthorized use, abuse, security breach, retention of the third party's registration name and password in order to take appropriate remedial action.

Provide services to the Member.
Prevention of activities that destroy a user's User account or impersonate a Member.
Communication and resolution with the Member in special cases.
Do not use the Member's personal information other than for the purpose of verification and contact related to the transaction at the web site
In case of legal requirements: Webiste is responsible for cooperating to provide Member information upon request from the judiciary including: Procuracy, court, public security organs involved Some law violations of the customer. In addition, no one has the right to infringe the Member's information.

The Member's personal data will be stored until canceled or self-signed by the User and canceled. Left in any case personal information of the Member will be confidential on the hosting of

Facility and tools for users to access and edit their personal data. Members have the right to self check, update, adjust or destroy their personal information by logging into their account and editing their personal information or requesting to do so.

The Member's personal information on the website is fully committed to in accordance with the privacy policy. The collection and use of information by each Member shall be made only with the consent of the customer, except where otherwise provided for by law, pledged that

No use, no transfer, supply or disclosure to any third party of the Member's personal information without the consent of the Member. requires individuals to register / purchase as a Member, must provide all relevant personal information such as full name.